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Teaching Carnival 3.3

Welcome to the third installation of the 2009 Teaching Carnival! Spring Break is looming (for some of us, it's already here), which is the perfect time to take a breath and explore the academic blogosphere. Just as a reminder, here's some definitions and a few words of wisdom for academic blog readers. And thanks again to Jason Jones and Kathleen Fitzpatrick for the first two Teaching Carnivals.

Beginning on a non-blog note, 4Cs (the Conference on College Composition and Communication), the big deal gathering in my field, takes place this week. If you've noticed your rhet/comp people making lots of photocopies and fretting about time, that's why. If you're going, Mark Crane has called the hash tag: #cccc09.

(Special tip for my Writing Center peeps...the master list of WC-focused sessions is available from the IWCA.)

Starting off with a key issue, several folks explored issues of writing and literacy:Assignment sharing and assessment are always hot topics:Of course, before you can assign or assess, you need a job. A number of writers tackled the topic of academia and the search for positions therein:Several bloggers considered Twitter and microblogging in general:
Finally there were the entries that didn't easily fit into a larger scheme:Big thanks to everyone who wrote and who submitted links. Remember to nominate entries for inclusion in the Teaching Carnival and tune in to The Chutry Experiment in two weeks for TC 3.4. Thanks for reading!